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Vehicle Security & Tracking

Though not, perhaps, as exciting as the rest of our range, security is nonetheless essential. We can supply and install Thatcham Approved Cobra or Trackstar vehicle tracking systems to all makes of cars. We also have a range of discrete tracking products that enable you to monitor the whereabouts of your own fleet of motorcars and even immobilize them using a simple SMS text command.

Car thieves are always targeting specific makes of car and we are often asked if we can install hidden, additional, immobilisers and/or trackers to back up the factory systems.

Autowatch Tracking

Autowatch UK have been supplying Autowatch branded vehicle security systems to specialist auto-electrical companies since 1993. With few exceptions, Autowatch equipment is designed and manufactured in their own factory in Durban, South Africa.

One Autowatch product that we have had particular success with is their AST 1. This vehicle tracking system is designed to allow vehicle owners to monitor vehicle whereabouts, ringfence them and call up historical data about things such as speed and position. An additional immobiliser allows the owner, via a simple text message, to immobilise the vehicle.

Cobra Vehicle Security

With more than 300,000 vehicles stolen every year, the UK is the worst affected country in Europe. Today's high value vehicles provide rich pickings for today's new breed of professional vehicle thieves who steal to order.

One very hot topic today is the theft of luxury motorcars, especially Land Rovers. Thieves have developed a range of devices that can either reprogram the vehicles security system, or simple clone the key, allowing easy and instant access. Insurers are now starting to refuse insurance on certain models with secure parking. Working closely with companies such as Cobra, there are now solutions that will make it very hard for thieves to target your car.