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Interior Enhancement & Special Projects

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We’d have to say, not necessarily, as we used to do very well in this field, until some car manufacturers started to offer the same options on new cars. However, such is progress and there is always something that a small nimble company with imagination can offer that a larger one won’t! So, if you’d like your initials or logo (we’ll even help design and draw you a new one) inset in the veneer or embroidered in the leather of your bespoke child seat, we can help.

Whether you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd or simply make some detailed changes to your cars interior, come and talk to us and we’ll discuss what can be achieved. We can apply the finest wood veneers, solid colour lacquers or even carbon fibre to almost any surface – even your steering wheel.

We also offer a bespoke design and installation service. If you want that special something that is a bit out of the ordinary, talk to us and we’ll work out a solution. We've been asked to make and fit silk rear side curtains, a humidor, cocktail cabinets and “hideaway” stereos in vintage and classic cars.

Recent projects have included adding additional aircraft style lights (Virgin Atlantic Upper Class) to a Rolls Royce Phantom, a cocktail cabinet and coolbox in a Range Rover Vogue as well as the laptop cabinets featured elsewhere.


We can install factory style reversing sensors, colour coded if required, or perhaps you'd prefer a built in colour camera. We also offer a range of speed camera & laser detectors – once again we sell we what we have used and tested!

Speed (or safety) camera detectors are and will remain totally legal. Laser detectors are currently legal, though plans are afoot to ban them. We recommend the Micro RoadPilot and Talex devices.

The case for and against laser diffusers (jammers) is more complex. Under current legislation if you have a device that exists solely to “jam” police laser guns then you could be in trouble. However, there are devices out there that are intended to operate as laser based parking sensors and garage door opening systems – unfortunately (?) the side effect is that they “block” laser guns...

Parking /reverse sensors and cameras have no such problems. They can be fitted to virtually all cars and in certain cases can be linked to existing multimedia screens.