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Startech and Brabus – Enhancement program for Land Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as a distributor for the Startech range of exterior and interior trim enhancements for Land Rover and Jaguar. In addition, we have access to certain items from the Brabus range of products. Specifically, those parts made for the Mercedes G55, Mercedes SLS and the other specialist offerings such as the Brabus Business Van and Brabus badged vehicles. The mainstream Brabus range will continue to be supplied exclusively through Mercedes Benz dealers.

The Startech range is particularly exciting as we have especially good links with a number of Land Rover and Jaguar dealers. What sets Startech apart from the competition is quality. Every item in the range is produced to the relevant German industrial standard (TUV) and fully warranted by Startech. If you are looking for quality accessories with that elegant, slightly understated, look, Startech must be your first choice. Exterior body kit and wheel/tyre combinations are available for all current Jaguar Land Rover models, together with a range of interior accessories.

Startech and Brabus also have an unrivalled reputation for superb quality interior enhancements. Using the finest hides and veneers, we can completely transform your car’s interior. Startech also offer their own version of the Range Rover and Jaguar Ultimate Editions, complete with iPad housings and rear centre consoles.


Strut - Grilles and Alloy Wheels

An exciting range of replacement grilles and alloy sports wheels for a wide range of luxury motorcars. Beautifully made from jewellery grade stainless steel the grilles are available in a range of styles.

The whole collection is on show at www.strutwear.com. Which do you prefer? The elegance of polished chrome? The sporting look of carbon fibre? The aggressive restraint of black chrome? With enough colours and finishes to steer conformity out of the door, Strut lets you tell the world exactly who you are.