Range Rover Vogue

Project Description:

We had already carried out a fairly major installation in this customer’s Bentley Continental Flying Spur. On that occasion we had to travel to New Delhi to carry out the work! Fortunately, this time the supplying dealer, Stratstone of Mayfair, was able to give us access to the car before it was shipped.

The shopping list was long and detailed. First up was a rear seat entertainment system incorporating 8” Alpine screens built into the seat backs. These screens are mounted in custom made housings that, when at rest, lie flush with the seat back. A light pressure on the lower edge releases a catch that allows the screen to “pop out” to the correct viewing angle.

Secondly, the owner required an upgraded audio system that could be fully controlled from the rear seat (we had previously installed a similar system in his Flying Spur). This system works in conjunction with the cars existing system. Simply by turning on the new Alpine rear head unit, control passes to the rear. We installed two of the new Alpine digital amplifiers and upgraded all the speakers. The resulting sound quality was a significant improvement over the standard system.

We were also tasked with building a fridge/bottle cooler that could be accessed from the rear of the car. The fridge itself was fabricated in-house, with the refrigeration unit supplied by Waeco.

Project Details:
  • Date : Summer 2007
  • Client : Ajay Bijli