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Rear Seat Entertainment - TV & Games

A few short years ago, a pair of screens and a DVD player was all that you could aspire to, by way of rear seat entertainment. Today, things have expanded greatly to include a variety of games consoles (we’ve even installed a Nintendo Wii!), iPad’s, Apple TV’s and Digital Freeview. Screen quality has improved to virtual HD levels and these are available in a myriad of sizes.


We have long favoured Alpine as our supplier of rear seat entertainment product. Yes, it is expensive compared to much of what is on the market today, but if you value quality (and we do) it is head and shoulders above the competition. In fact, we are so confident in the reliability of Alpine equipment that we will, ourselves, extend the standard Alpine 1 year manufacturers parts warranty to 3 years.

Alpine are almost unique in the vehicle entertainment market as they have always concentrated their efforts on this market. Not for Alpine, the forays into large screen TV’s or home audio. They are also major suppliers to the OE market and many of today’s luxury motorcars have audio and entertainment systems built by Alpine.


Apple are undoubtedly one of the main success stories of all time. From computers to phones to portable music, they are the innovators, the one that others have to play catch up with. Now, whilst they haven’t exactly spent much time on the automotive aftermarket, certain of their products do lend themselves to adoption in this field. The iPad, mounted in a neat cradle, attached to the rear of the front headrests is the obvious choice, but there are other, more innovative options...

An example would be a Maybach on which we worked. This vehicle had the original manufacturers high quality, but outdated, rear seat entertainment system and the owner had certain requirements that the system simply could not provide. Using twin 10” HD displays with HDMI inputs, we added an Apple TV box, steaming content from an iPad Mini. Combined with our recommended 4G router, this gave the owner access to his SKY TV as well as myriad other channels available on the internet (please note that 4G coverage is required).