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Startech and Brabus – Enhancement program for Land Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes

Whilst we concentrate mainly on Land Rover and Jaguar, as distributors for the Startech range of exterior and interior enhancements, we can also help and advise on other marques. Through Startech, we also have connections with Brabus (their parent company) and can access certain of their offerings for higher end members of the Mercedes clan. We can also supply the STRUT range of vehicle “jewellery”. Beautifully made components that will undoubtedly make your car stand out from the herd.

We can also help with a wide range of fine wood veneers and lacquered finishes, as well as vehicle trimming services. So, if you feel the need to change the light veneer wood in your Bentley for Piano Black lacquer (or vice versa), or wish to have contrasting seat centres or piping, let us know and we’ll see how we can assist.


Strut - Grilles and Alloy Wheels

An exciting range of replacement grilles and alloy sports wheels for a wide range of luxury motorcars. Beautifully made from jewellery grade stainless steel the grilles are available in a range of styles.

The whole collection is on show at www.strutwear.com. Which do you prefer? The elegance of polished chrome? The sporting look of carbon fibre? The aggressive restraint of black chrome? With enough colours and finishes to steer conformity out of the door, Strut lets you tell the world exactly who you are.