Bentley R Type Continental

Project Description:

Another longstanding client asked us to design an audio system for his classic Bentley R Type Continental. The sound quality was to be of the very highest, though nothing could be on view. He had no need for a radio or CD, only an iPod.

Once we had determined what space we had available, we decided to use the Audison BIT ONE processor, connected via a DENSION Icelink kit to a custom made iPhone cradle. Alpine digital amplifiers and FOCAL speakers made up the rest.

The only space for the front speakers was behind the dashboard, so we made up some cabinets that took advantage of all available space. The rear speakers went beneath the rear parcel shelf (we made a new one, so the original could be replaced at a later date) and the Audison and amplifiers were concealed behind a panel at the rear of the boot area.

As oddment space was at a premium we were also tasked with coming up with a suitable place for the gate remote. Eventually, we decided to make a tray that would replace the original car radio slot. The front was veneered to match the dash board, rendering it almost invisible. Inside the tray, we positioned the Audison controller, the custom iPhone cradle and a separate space for the gate remote. For the mechanism, we adapted the system used by Rolls Royce on the Phantom console “drawers”. A light push on the front and it slides out gently...

Project Details:
  • Date : Spring 2012
  • Client : Very Private
  • Skills : UI, UX
  • Category : Design