Bentley Flying Spur

Project Description:

We have recently completed designing and manufacturing a set of illuminated, roof mounted vanity mirrors for a new 2014 Bentley Flying Spur. Using the factory installed mirrors in a Mulsanne as our inspiration, we have come up with a solution for the Flying Spur that offers a significant improvement over the mirrors that are fitted as part and parcel of the optional picnic tables. They are both larger, as well as better positioned for use and carefully illuminated.

We deliberately chose to carefully draw each and every part fabricated as part of the overall design, so that they can be repeated without the need for us to have the vehicle until they are ready to be installed, a process that will take little more than a few hours.

Finished in matching hide with side embellishments in either brushed stainless steel, these carefully designed vanity mirrors are the equal of those produced by the vehicle manufacturer. The illumination works in conjunction with the existing rear lighting, negating the need for additional non-standard switches. All we need to produce a set is the interior leather colour and, if requested, the type of veneer/lacquer. The car itself will be needed for no more than a day, or we can even offer an onsite installation service.

Project Details:
  • Date : Winter 2014
  • Client : Private