Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2014

Project Description:

Another first, or so we suspect! The instructions from this client were for us to design and install a rear seat entertainment system that closely followed the style and appearance of the screens installed by Bentley themselves.

We first designed the screen housings in Solidworks, producing rendered drawings for the client’s approval. We then machined them from special modelling material and trimmed them in matching hide. The final step was to attach the 9” display.

Ease of use was also high on the client’s wish list. As we used to do on the previous model Flying Spur, we have the vehicles own TV tuner running on the rear screens and our DVD image running on the front screen. Sound comes over the vehicles speakers, as well as IR headphones. The TV tuner is controlled by the vehicles own control pad and the DVD by an IR remote control.

Project Details:
  • Date : Summer 2014
  • Client : Private
  • Skills : UI, UX
  • Category : Design