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Audio Systems

Admittedly, this is a declining part of out overall business, mainly as we tend to see higher end motorcars with higher quality factory installation. However, don’t assume that there is no room for improvement. There are a fair few Bentley Continental GT owners driving around with audio systems that certainly out anything Bentley install to shame.

Likewise for BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes. A few feature in our Projects section. Or, perhaps you have recently found true love in a classic motorcar and would like a high quality audio system, sympathetically installed...


As Audison themselves put it, a passion for high fidelity sound in the mobile environment led a group of technicians from different areas of the electronics industry, to design and build the tools which could produce the perfect sound.

As in a handmade lute workshop, the founders of Audison designed and selected the materials, experimented and listened to the results again and again: only their emotions let them recognize when the product was complete. Today, like yesterday, Audison products are presented to the market only after they have fully met the requirements of their creators.

With the ever increasing need for integration with manufacturers own audio systems, it is companies like Audison who are making it possible for us provide upgrade solutions on many of todays luxury motorcars.


Ask anyone in the car audio industry for their favoured speaker and you will hear a multitude of different responses. Some will always recommend the product with the most margin, or a product that they themselves distribute (giving them additional margin), but most will base their choice on quality. Regardless of what brands come up, Focal will always be amongst the top choices.

For over 30 years Focal has designed, developed and manufactured high fidelity loudspeakers and drivers. Focal allies passion, tradition and technological perfection, bringing you optimal solutions for ultimate listening pleasure.