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  • Welcome to In Car Systems!

    Bespoke solutions

    We turn your idea into reality. With over 30 years experience in this field, there is little that we haven’t done and we certainly don’t recognise the usual boundaries

  • Welcome to In Car Systems!

    Exterior enhancements: alloy wheels, steel and chrome jewellery

    We turn your idea into reality. With over 30 years experience in this field, there is little that we haven’t done and we certainly don’t recognise the usual boundaries

  • Welcome to In Car Systems!

    Modern upgrades for classic cars

    We turn your idea into reality. With over 30 years experience in this field, there is little that we haven’t done and we certainly don’t recognise the usual boundaries

  • Welcome to In Car Systems!

    TV & audio entertainment systems

    We turn your idea into reality. With over 30 years experience in this field, there is little that we haven’t done and we certainly don’t recognise the usual boundaries

About Us!

Explaining what we do used to be easy! 20 or so years ago, it would have been “the best in car audio systems”. Then along came the in car telephone, followed closely by in car video, then the DVD player and games consoles. Now we’ve got in car PC’s and Wi-Fi networks. Somewhere along the line we also became involved in interior and exterior enhancements - from veneers and trimming through to bespoke personalisation and the wide range of exterior trim and body kits from our friends at Brabus and Startech. Try covering that in a sentence!

Of course we still install audio systems and rear seat entertainment, but the boundaries of what we do have stretched out into the distance. Nowadays we seem to be the first port of call when someone cannot turn that idea they’ve had into reality. Whether it is a desire for chromed electric window switch panels in a new Phantom, or comfort suspension in a G55, or a complete interior upgrade in a Mercedes Sprinter, we always manage to meet our clients’ expectations. So, perhaps we should just leave it at - “We turn your ideas into reality”.

  • Experience

    Between us, we have many years of experience in working on luxury motorcars of all marques. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari & Lamborghini are not cars that everyone in our field are used to seeing regularly... we do!

    Quality Products

    We will only use equipment and product that we have faith in. Equipment that we have used, installed, tried and tested. After all, you are a customer, not a guinea pig!


    Unlike many, we specialise in providing a bespoke solution. No two cars are the same and no two clients have the same requirements. You supply the problem and we’ll work on the ideal solution.

  • Reliability

    Experienced staff installing quality products helps ensure reliability. However, our service only starts here. If you experience problems 5 or 10 years down the line, we will be there to help.


    Whilst we might prefer to do everything ourselves, we recognise that there are areas in which others are more capable. This is why we have surrounded ourselves with a network of like minded, quality driven, partners in a variety of specialised fields.


    We have been privileged to have worked for many leading suppliers of luxury motorcars. We also count ourselves fortunate in being able to number many well known individuals amongst our clients, some of whose cars are featured on this site. Not that we’ll reveal which is whose...

Our Products

Rear Seat Entertainment

A few short years ago, a pair of screens and a DVD player was all that you could aspire to, by way of rear seat entertainment. Today, things have expanded greatly to include a variety of games consoles (we’ve even installed a Nintendo Wii!), iPad’s, Apple TV’s and Digital Freeview. Screen quality has improved to virtual HD levels and these are available in a myriad of sizes. Read More...

Mobile Wi Fi

Though we have been installing these for a few years now, the latest developments in 4G have really provided a boost for these devices. Sure, you can use your 4G enabled device or dongle inside your car, but with modern day features, such as solar reflective glass, the quality is nowhere near as good as a professionally installed dual antenna, dedicated in car router. We’ve tried many and have our firm favourite’s, not that we’re shouting the names from the rooftops! Read More...

Car Audio

Admittedly, this is a declining part of out overall business, mainly as we tend to see higher end motorcars with higher quality factory installation. However, don’t assume that there is no room for improvement. There are a fair few Bentley Continental GT owners driving around with audio systems that certainly put anything Bentley install to shame. Likewise for BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes. A few feature in our Projects section. Or, perhaps you have recently found true love in a classic motorcar and would like a high quality audio system, sympathetically installed... Read More...


It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We’d have to say, not necessarily, as we used to do very well in this field, until some car manufacturers started to offer the same options on new cars. However, such is progress and there is always something that a small nimble company with imagination can offer that a larger one won’t! So, if you’d like your initials or logo (we’ll even help design and draw you a new one) inset in the veneer or embroidered in the leather of your bespoke child seat, we can help. Read More...

Vehicle Enhancement Program

Whilst we concentrate mainly on Land Rover and Jaguar, as distributors for the Startech range of exterior and interior enhancements, we can also help and advise on other marques. Through Startech, we also have connections with Brabus (their parent company) and can access certain of their offerings for higher end members of the Mercedes clan. We can also supply the STRUT range of vehicle “jewellery”. Beautifully made components that will undoubtedly make your car stand out from the herd. Read More...


Though not, perhaps, as exciting as the rest of our range, security is nonetheless essential. We can supply and install Thatcham Approved Cobra or Trackstar vehicle tracking systems to all makes of cars. We also have a range of discrete tracking products that enable you to monitor the whereabouts of your own fleet of motorcars and even immobilize them using a simple SMS text command. Car thieves are always targeting specific makes of car and we are often asked if we can install hidden, additional, immobilisers and/or trackers to back up the factory systems. Read More...

Featured Projects
  • Ferrari 250 Lusso

    A stunning Ferrari 250 Lusso belonging to a longstanding client, in which we have installed a new Alpine head unit. Read More

    Corvette C1

    This immaculate Corvette was more a piece of automotive art than a car. The new owner wanted to have modern sounds without changing the car too much. Read More

  • Range Rover

    We’ve made a number of these shooting boxes over the years for a variety of vehicles, though the Range Rover has always dominated. Read More

    Bentley Continental GT

    The first new model GT with rear seat entertainment. Earlier models were quite straightforward and many had rear screens installed. Read More

  • Bentley Flying Spur

    We have recently completed designing and manufacturing a set of illuminated, roof mounted vanity mirrors for a new 2014 Bentley Flying Spur. Read More

    Audi R8 V10 Spyder

    This R8 featured special graphics designed by one of the UK's best known artists and was driven in the Gumball Rally. Read More

  • Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the quality of the installation in my Bentley GT. Having previously listened to my Bentley’s own Naim upgrade, I can testify that my system blows the Naim version out of the water... You have completely delivered on your promise!

    Herbert BrenninckmeierBentley owner
  • Karl and his team have had a successful, 16 year relationship with Stratstone of Mayfair. Karl strives to deliver and exceed the highest level of customer service. He is always happy to accommodate the needs of our clients by personally meeting with them and ensuring their requirements are met. His attention to detail and personalisation is second to none. Karl is a valuable asset to our business and comes highly recommended.

    Oliver HodgkinsonDealer Principal, Stratstone of Mayfair
  • I have known and worked with Karl for nearly 15 years and whenever we needed someone who we could be sure would meet or exceed our members exacting needs Karl would be the first person we called.

    Jonathan Newall10 UK
  • We have worked with Karl at In Car Systems for a number of years on a wide range of projects, from relatively simple matters like upgrading a cars speaker system to much larger and more detailed projects completed in bespoke fashion. Karl and his team always carry out first class work and I would recommend their expertise and services to anybody.

    Giles CrickmayFrank Dale & Stepson
  • I have been using In Car Systems now for over 10 years. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Karl is innovative, thoughtful and delivers an excellent service...

    Christine ClarkinOverfinch Ltd
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